MOST®150 preamplifier interface approved by HELIX

The ZEN-M MOST®150 preamplifier interface from NAV-TV enable the seamless installation of aftermarket DSP / DSP amplifiers in vehicles with premium sound systems without affecting the appearance or properties of the vehicle. Under the label approved by HELIX, we guarantee the specification for the European market and top quality, audiophile and material, as you are used to from HELIX. The ZEN-V MOST®150 preamplifier interface is compatible with selected vehicles from Mercedes.

Smart operation

The MOST®150 preamplifier interface produces a full linear audio output without delay or equalization of the factory audio signal, so no summing devices or an audio correction DSP are required, even in vehicles that use compensation microphones. The installation of the interface does not require any changes to the vehicle and is compatible with reinforced factory systems. In combination with a DSP amplifier, the factory amplifier is replaced. The volume control for Fader, Balance and Bass / Treble are retained via the factory radio. Echo cancellation for the factory Bluetooth hands-free system is also still supported. The device offers a 500 mA remote output for controlling BRAX, HELIX and MATCH devices and also maintains the factory sound control.

Dolby DTS and Dolby Surround compatible

The ZEN-M produces a 12 channel analog output with a S/N Ratio of 112dB. For vehicles with video playback capability, it supports 7.1 and 5.1 audio at the analog signal outputs. The unit provides a 500mA output for controlling aftermarket devices and, additionally, retains the factory equalizer.

Best possible audio signal

For use with a DSP or DSP amplifier, the ZEN-M MOST preamplifier interface is equipped with a variable digital TOSLink output, which can be used simultaneously with the analog outputs - thus maintaining the Fader function of the car radio – or by itself. The variable digital output enables control of the system volume via the factory radio and steering wheel control without having to access an additional remote controller.

Easy configuration

Various functions of the interface can be easily configured using DIP switches.

Functions selectable by the user:

  • Simple time delay driver-optimized setting
  • Audio output with maximum signal or -12 dB attenuation
  • Loudness on or off