You can purchase high quality audio downloads of your favorite tunes, but without the right speakers to bring them to life, you just can't get the most out of your music. Our 6x9" speakers are designed to make bass lines thump loud and strong and high notes truly melodious. When used in automobiles and boats, they create sound so clear that you'll feel as if you're with your favorite singers. With the right amplifier, you can even crank up the volume to the max. Not just for car and marine use, these speakers can also be utilized for home audio and theater systems.

This 6x9" drivers will amaze you. From the deep bass to sparkling highs - these will blow you away! These speakers are +/- 3dB from 35Hz to 19kHz. The 92dB efficiency will allow you to drive this with most decent head units at a decent volume. If you want to crank it, add a decent amp - these will handle 80 watts continuous and 300 watt peaks. This model replaces the Babb 934 and 938. The N69's are available in both 4Ohm - (this is the most popular for mobile audio, cars and boats) and 8 Ohm for paralleling two for a 4Ohm load or home audio and home theater applications.

⊛ 100% Waterproof and UV Resistant
⊛ Speakers Hand Built in the USA
⊛ 3 Year Warranty
⊛ Can be Rebuilt for Life *
⊛ Full Range - Single Voice Coil
⊛ High Energy Neodymium Magnet
⊛ Ferro-Fluid Cooled Voice Coil
⊛ Aluminum / Magnesium Alloy Cone