Think you have to reduce the space in your boat, on your patio or inside of your home to enjoy high quality sound? Think again! The N9.5R Single Driver Speaker does not require a specially designed cabinet to produce the best possible sound, so you can use it even in places where space is a minimum. Full water, UV and saltwater resistance allow the speaker to function anywhere that you want to listen to your favorite songs with high-definition sound. The speakers are handcrafted by skilled American artisans and are fully backed by a 3-year warranty.

⊛ 100% Waterproof and UV Resistant
⊛ Speakers Hand Built in the USA
⊛ 3 Year Warranty
⊛ Can be Rebuilt for Life *
⊛ Full Range - Single Voice Coil
⊛ High Energy Neodymium Magnet
⊛ Ferro-Fluid Cooled Voice Coil
⊛ Aluminum/Magnesium Alloy Cone